Our US Roadtrip

Hello world! Roll on May 30th!!

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A shiny new blog in preparation for our forthcoming trip to the USA? Well why not, indeed? Blogging has become a way of life for me since we began our first blog – The Sumpners – which captured our May 2012 RV trip through the Canadian Rockies. You can see it here. It is a fabulous memento of an amazing trip and was well received by friends and family. The experience of writing this first blog, led me to start writing about all out trips in our caravan and The Sumpners Again – On Tour at Home and Abroad was born.

We are shortly off on a Road Trip in another RV from Denver CO to Seattle WA – the difference this time is that we are pretty much going it alone. We have planned the route and hired the van (with the help of the Caravan & Camping Club’s Tailor Made service and the lovely Barry – who feels like an old friend now). We have booked all our own campsites and spent many hours fine-tuning the details of the roughly 1800 mile trip. The trip is celebration of Paul’s 50th birthday, which is not until November but it will be a bit snowy on our route by then. We went to Titchfield for my 50th by the way!

Once we had used the C&CC service to book flights, hotels and the RV itself,  the rest was a blank page. We used the really great Roadtrippers website to plan our trip. We stumbled across this site by chance and we could not recommend it more highly. There is also a useful mobile app.

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